Ipard Investors Meeting of the year 2021

Ipard Investors Meeting of the year 2021

Ipard Investors Gathered of the year 2021.

The “IPARD Investors Meeting for the Year 2021” was held in Ankara by the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution (TKDK).

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli, in his speech at the program held at the Ministry’s Disaster Emergency Coordination Center Conference Hall, said that rural areas are the lifeblood of production and the center of development.

Pointing out that in the last century, as in the rest of the world, the tendency to move away from the countryside and migration has gradually increased, Pakdemirli said:

“However, we do not see the countryside as distant lands, ports for rest. Sustainable development is our main goal in rural areas where approximately 25 percent of our population lives today. We are working to turn this dynamo, which empowers our country, into more energy and more production. We want our people to establish a business, employ and produce in the place where they were born, without breaking away from their lands, cultures, families, and loved ones. “

IPARD Program grant support for 16 sectors in 42 provinces

Pakdemirli pointed out that IPARD has a separate and important place in rural development programs. Explaining that 40% to 70% of grants are given to investments in 16 sectors in 42 provinces within the scope of IPARD, Pakdemirli said, “We support a wide range of investments in rural areas from animal husbandry to rural tourism, from food processing to medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation, from beekeeping to greenhouse cultivation, from handicrafts to renewable energy. As the IPARD 2 Program approaches its end, we want the efforts of our hardworking and honest Anatolian people, who have turned their investment stories into success, to shed light on the upcoming IPARD 3 Program. ” used the expressions.

“Turkish society, Turkish farmers have a different power.”

President of the Parliament Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs Committee Prof. Dr. Yunus Kılıç stated that there is a tendency towards massive production and industrial agriculture in the world.

Stating that the number of people is increasing, and the welfare of people is rising, Kılıç said, “The demand for agricultural and animal production is increasing. Quality products are required, so production is required. Therefore, you are unfortunately not able to meet this with old family businesses. But Turkish society, Turkish farmers have separate power, and they should not lose that. Therefore, we need to keep up with world standards and increase our production. The ARDSI has reached a point where it understands the problems of Turkish farmers, villagers, women, and young people produces solutions for them, and contributes to consultancy services. I see that the ARDSI has carried our production to a very advanced level with this understanding. ” found in the evaluations.

“Investors currently in the hall are the pioneers of IPARD.”

Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey, Eleftheria Pertzinidou; stated that the IPARD Program, which was created by modeling EU policies, contributed to the rural development in Turkey and believed that it will continue to be found.

Reminding that the program had a very difficult start, Pertzinidou said, “In the beginning, very little application was received, but later it evolved into a very successful program. Looking back, we first started working with a few provinces, but this opened a door. 3 rural development measures started to be implemented in 17 provinces in 2011. Then we reached 42. We all know that there are other difficulties, the accreditation process was not easy, especially considering the size of Turkey. However, it was truly a success that he completed the accreditation process. Investors currently in the hall are the pioneers of IPARD. Their success encouraged others to apply. The program has supported more than 19 thousand projects. The European Union finances 75 percent of the IPARD, contributing more than 1.4 billion euros to date. This has been a very significant number that made progress in rural areas.” she spoke.

“IPARD has its ‘most’ within itself”

Avrupa Birliği (AB) Başkanlığı Mali İş birliği ve Proje Uygulama Genel Müdürü Bülent Özcan ise AB mali yardımları içerisinde IPARD’ın kendi içerisinde “en”lerinin olduğunu aktardı. Emphasizing that IPARD is very valuable for them in 3 conditions, Özcan made the following statements:

“First, it’s a program that touches the public and is the best known. Second, the European Commission evaluates Turkey as the most successful country among the countries where the program is implemented and is shown as an example to other candidate countries. Therefore, it deserves a ‘best’ in terms of implementation success. The last one is the program with the highest performance in terms of resource usage. We are using every euro that has come with zero loss of funds in recent years.”

“The problems in rural areas in Europe and Turkey are the same.”

European Commission LEADER Policy Coordinator Iwona Lisztwan stated that the problems in rural areas in Europe and Turkey are the same. Stating that the same challenges and similar opportunities exist, Lisztwan shared the following information:

“We are struggling in the same way, we are trying to take measures to keep young people in rural areas, we are trying to fight for climate change. At the same time, with the policies implemented, employment is tried to be increased in rural areas and the people living in rural areas are tried to be kept there. Therefore, the difficulties are very similar, and this provides a very good platform for us to understand each other.”

“We reached our 2020 payment targets.”

Deputy Chairman of the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Institution Dr. Muhammed Adak, on the other hand, reminded us that despite all the adverse conditions that may occur in 2020, they have made a lot of effort as an institution and that they have reached our payment targets by purchasing significant amounts of projects.

On this occasion, Adak thanked the employees of the institution, the investors who did not give up their investments and came together and said:

“We already see that we will get very good results in the 10th call announced by our Minister in January 2021. All our efforts will be to complete the year 2021 more successfully than 2020. In our effort to reach this goal, we feel the support of all IPARD stakeholders, especially our Minister. I hope our program will be beneficial.”

4 investors told their success stories.

In the program, who made investments in rural areas by benefiting from ARDSI grants; Berivan Özcan Kurtbay from Mersin, Elvan Güngören from Çorum, Ahmet Yargı from Diyarbakır and Kazım Sunay from Manisa, gave speeches and told success stories.

After the speeches, Minister Pakdemirli, members of the protocol and businesspeople from various provinces of Turkey (Hüseyin Kurşun, Cemile Ertürk, Nagehan Yıldızkaya, Ülkü Çelik, Funda Filiz Çetin, Afife Çilali, Mehmet Kıdman, Sadık Çendek, Zekiye Tan, Şehriban Erdem, Hasan Çekirdek, Aslı Ünal, Özlem Taşlı, Çiğdem Aydın, Reşat Kaya and Gülnaz Gültekin) he gave plaques to other entrepreneurs who told their success story.

ARDSI Deputy Chairman Adak presented a gift basket consisting of local products produced with ARDSI grants to Minister Pakdemirli. The program ended with a souvenir photo shoot.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ayşe Ayşin Işıkgece, Ministry bureaucrats and ARDSI administrators attended the program.

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