Freeze Dry

What is Freeze Dried?

What is Freeze Dry- Lyophilization?

The freeze-drying function is a highly valuable method of preserving food. When using this method, the water in foods is frozen and removed from the product by sublimation.

After this process (freeze-drying), a processed food product can be kept for years, with the advantage of fully preserving its nutritional value and the opportunity to be consumed until the expiry date without losing anything of its taste. The expiry date mentioned is 25 years.

The distinction of freeze-drying from all other known dehydration derivatives is that it can preserve the original properties of the substance completely.

Freeze Drying Operations

  • It is dried using the Freeze Dry method.
  • Only water is removed, in addition, all nutritional values are preserved.
  • It does not contain any combination of preservatives and additives.
  • It is always at the side of the consumer with its convenient packaging.
  • It is consumed as a healthy snack.

Why Freeze Drying?

  • Highest nutritional value preservation.
  • Raw material volume is preserved at the highest level.
  • Intensive aroma preservation is provided.
  • The outer state of the fruit is closest to the wet state format.
  • The crispy structure is obtained at the optimum level.
  • The most intense aroma preservation is provided.
  • Color preservation is preserved at the highest level.

Where to Use?

  • It is consumed as a healthy snack.
  • It is used in baby food.
  • It is added to breakfast cereal.
  • Increases the flavor ratio with a crispy form.
  • Preferred in yogurt, smoothies, and milkshakes.
  • Used for making desserts, puddings, and ice cream.
  • Used in chocolate, biscuits, and cakes.
  • Used for decorating waffles, pancakes, and cake.
  • It is preferred to be used in fruit tea making.
  • It adds flavor to beverages.

Freeze Drying Usage Areas